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1. (Cricket) cricket either of two modest picket bars placed through the tops from the stumps to form the wicket

four. The pivoting U-shaped A part of a fishing reel that guides the line on to the spool in the course of rewinding.

bail - the authorized program which allows an accused particular person for being temporarily produced from custody (commonly on problem that a sum of money ensures their appearance at demo); "He's out on bail"

regulation, jurisprudence - the collection of procedures imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect with the law"; "The nice issue for jurisprudence to permit freedom although imposing get"

C14: from Outdated French: custody, from baillier at hand in excess of, from Latin bāiulāre to carry burdens, from bāiulus carrier, of obscure origin

remove, get away, withdraw, get - clear away something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or having off, or remove a little something abstract; "take out a risk"; "take out a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the desk"; "take the gun from the pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from your surroundings"

one. Safety, typically a sum of money, exchanged for the discharge of an arrested individual to be a assure of that human being's visual appeal for trial.

three. (Regulation) the process allowing launch of someone from custody in which this kind of stability has long been taken: he was unveiled on bail.

The Troika has managed the unexpected emergency bailouts of European states over the read more economic disaster as well as IMF performs a important role in reviewing the development produced by bailed out nations.

two. To prevent undertaking or collaborating in one thing as a result of problems or unpleasantness: The actor bailed out around the Perform after a battle Together with the director. Our traders bailed out when it seemed like the undertaking may not here be worthwhile.

Throw in the towel on a thing, abandon a accountability, as in The company wasn't executing get more info effectively, so John made a decision to bail out whilst he could nonetheless come across A further job. [2nd 50 percent of 1900s]

3. To remove drinking water from an undesirable area, commonly by making use of a bucket. Although most commonly related to emptying drinking water from a boat, this phrase can be utilized in any predicament the place drinking water has accrued and have to be eradicated.

3. (Agriculture) Austral and NZ a framework in a cowshed utilized to protected The pinnacle of the cow all through milking

the method permitting launch of a person from custody the place such safety has long been takenhe was launched on bail

two. To parachute from an plane; eject. Normally used with out: bailed out from the ruined plane at the last attainable second.

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